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Tips and Tricks on How to Sing High Notes 5/5 (2)

Have you been spending weeks or even months to learn how to sing high notes like your favorite singer? Well, you are not alone. A lot of people out there are seeking for singer's secrets on how they can sing with fantastic notes. Well, perhaps, it is a matter of godsend. But, actually, we can learn them. Of course, the best advice to master singing is by learning from a master. Besides, you can directly practice it and if you get something wrong, the master will tell you what is wrong and how to do it properly.

Most singers have a vocal teacher, but for a legend, they can just master singing high notes by practice. Some singers with their extraordinary range are capable of bewitching everyone who hears their voices.  And for your information, they practice singing on their own most of the time. It means that, you actually can do this without an expert. Here are some singers with extraordinary voices you can learn on singing high notes.

The first one is Mariah Carey. Her voice is incomparable. She is a complete package. In addition to singing high notes, she is also capable of singing very low notes. Listening to her voice is just like getting freeze due to her very high range. Her capability of controlling whistle register is so amazing that only few singers are capable of. No wonder Mariah deserves to be the best singer in the world.

You also need to know Whitney Houston. Almost each aspect and way of singing is really Whitney's. Her natural range is strong and big. No wonder we may conclude no single singer in the world is capable of singing a song with high notes like Whitney. She just sings her song so naturally, just like singing without spending a lot of effort even with her chest voice. You will find how her chest voice can be as high as her. 

Well, there are a lot of other singers who are talented with high notes. Some other singers include Celine Dion, Adam Lambert, Michael Jackson, Jackie Evancho and Zayn Malik. Even though they get their talents, it does not mean that high notes cannot be learned. We may not be like those singers, but at least, we can learn how they can sing with such high notes.

We are going to reveal its secrets. And apparently, it is not as difficult as it looks. Once hearing Mariah’s high notes, you can be shocked; do not know how she can do it. Here, you will see how high notes can be achieved without a coach. As long as you keep these tips and tricks, you will master on high notes.

Principles of Learning to Reach High Notes

The key to do this is doing the process properly. Those who find it difficult are because they are doing wrong method. Before we come to the techniques, let’s see some tips to sing like Mariah Carey’s high notes. Here are some to think about.

Make Singing Just like Speaking

How come? Speaking is just using our tongue and voice to produce sound, isn't it? Well, it is true. And we know speaking is simply easy. Similarly, we just have to make the way we speak is easy as the way we sing. When we are speaking, our voice is just free and without straining. That is how learning singing high notes should be; that is singing should just involve smoothness, a steady flow of air with free and full voice.

For that reason, we are not required pressing our voice to reach high notes. It even makes us strained. We need to sing like we speak typically. Even though it is possible with this sort of mechanism, it takes much longer time and stressful process.

Controlled Flow of Air

Control is the most crucial part because through control of the air flow in our body, we can manage the amount of air that enters or exits from our body. Through air, we gain power for our voice. That is why you have to let your voice free.

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Download our ebook that contain 10 killer tips to help you avoid rookie mistakes and how to improve your singing and release your singing potential to the fullest.

As it requires free and steady flow, forcing self too much air while singing triggers resistance you cannot bear under the vocal cords. Then, it creates pressure that is actually not necessary in your throat. Instead of singing with comfort, you will feel inconvenient while finding the larynx rising. The bad news, you even crack your voice. Since you have barely enough air, your voice is getting weaker.

Singing high notes is not simply producing voice without straining and uncontrolled flow of air. You need to know more about how to breathe and sing with high notes.

Never Push Your Voice

A lot of people think that a regular and strict training of singing until they push out the notes, they will be able to master high notes. In fact, it is completely wrong. Pushing your voice just creates unbalance voice. Besides, it is incredibly hard to train like this. So, start from now, stay away from pressing to reach certain note. It is just useless and hurts.

Produce Smooth Voice

Once you control your flow of air, you are capable of producing smooth voice or sound. It keeps you singing like speaking in balance. Perhaps, it does not include when singing staccato, but in real, staccato notes have the same function as having steady flow of air.

If the flow of air were a hose, you will see how it functions the same. Singing staccato requires you to hold the air pressure from moving forward. You will feel like being ready to sing the upcoming words. Here, the air pressure has to be held, but avoid building the air pressure on your throat. Instead, ensure you feel its pressure in front of your mouth, precisely behind your lips. Doing this enables you to have continuous steady flow of air. At the same time, you can have connected and smooth sound well maintained.

Those are basic tips. They are still useless without techniques. We are going to refer to an expert’s techniques enabling you to learn without straining and with simple training. You can do this at home without under an expert’s guidance and supervision. Hopefully, you will be a high-note master in the end of the training.

High-Note Singing Training for All

Beginners, practitioners, or anyone who are interested in music and singing must know these following techniques if they want to master high notes. Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston’s talents are not 100% from God, but also from training. As long as you have long and regular practice, singing high notes is not possible. These techniques will not allow you to strain your voice.

Why these techniques are applicable for all is just because basically, all singers can sing higher notes without straining. Your voice has to be steady and controllable when reaching high notes. Only a right technique enables you to achieve it.

All fundamental technique is just the same. So, no matter you sing Rock, Pop, Jazz or even theater, you just need precision and power of singing. Remember that there is no instant result for this. Patience and persistence are highly required to master high notes.

Know Your Own Voice

It is important to know your voice based on your gender. Women are typically divided into soprano, mezzo soprano and alto. Men's voice is divided into tenor, baritone and bass. So, which one is your type?

To know this, you are suggested to ask an expert. But, once you know it, don't be upset knowing that you do not have voice type that you imagine. For instance, you are a big fan of Celine Dion, but apparently, your type is different from her. Basically, all people are given with different types of voice.

Begin Practice with Warming Up

To avoid straining, warming up has to be done before you begin practice. Instead of just producing voice or sound, a physical exercise is needed. To begin, just stand up and try to reach your toes. Ensure you do not bend your knees while doing this and then observe how far your finger can reach. To get closer to your toes, you can stretch your hamstrings, calf muscles and gluts. Do this repeatedly and you will see your fingers get closer to your toes.

It sounds funny to learn singing high notes by doing that kind of exercise. Well, actually touching toes requires stretching and it will make your muscles flexible. And voice is just like muscles. As long as you practice it regularly, it will be increasingly easier and comfortable for you to get higher notes.

Facial Massage and Breathing

How does facial massage have something to do with producing high notes? Well, actually singing a high note is not simply opening your mouth more widely and then pushes your voice out. If you do this, you just hurt yourself.

So, to avoid injury, you need facial massage. Use your both fingers to massage parts of face under chin. This will make your muscles loosened. Then, scrunch your face while opening eyes and mouth as widely as possible. Do this part several times.

To sing higher notes, you also need a proper breathing technique. To do this, you have to take a slow and relaxed breath in normal pattern, and then exhale. Breath should be kept seven and slow. Don’t forget to drink water before beginning to start.

Vocal Warming Up

Now, you are already prepared for further practice after relaxing your breath control and muscle face and mouth. We do not directly go to the high notes.

It is called vocal warming up, beginning with humming a "mmmmm" sound. Ensure this sound echo inside your head. It is important to produce a clear sound of "mmmmm" and then echoe it in the sinuses around your forehead and nose.

Do this part properly. Then, start to produce sound of "mmmm" at the lowest range of yours. Open the mouth so you produce "aahhhhh" sound. So, it will be like sound of "mmmmmmm-aaahhhhhhhh". After that, increase your range by little and scale up until you get the vocal break. While you are reaching this part, ensure you keep that tone clear and even.

Then, increase your range higher in your head until you reach the highest tone or range. Pay attention by feeling how you can create that resonance inside your head. You will feel it once you reach it from your psychology.

This technique enables you to reach higher tones without you realize it, but you can feel it. It begins with mastering "mmmmm' sound until you reach higher note, and then effortlessly, you can transform it into "aahhhh" sound. With repeated exercises, you will be capable of hitting higher notes in a controlled and full voice.

Develop Your Range

As you begin to feel that you can reach higher tones, you need to develop your range. You can begin to practice breathing from abdomen to produce a stronger sound. To do this, you have to focus on breathing from your abdomen.

First, inhale and you will see your stomach rise and then your chest is the next. You can use your hand to put on your stomach to remind you that you have to focus on that area. Then, you can begin to produce sound in the middle of your range. It is the next level after practicing the sound of "mmmmmm" and "aahhhh" in the previous practice in warming up.

After you think that your "aahhhh" reaches the register you require, open up so the "aahhhhh" sound shall be higher. To get higher notes become easier to sing, you have to practice this part repeatedly. You will notice it becomes easier for you to sing high notes.

After you master "aahhh" sound, it is time to experiment vowel sounds. The goal is to master how to sing high tones especially on vowel sounds. This becomes important because each song has its own particular vowel that has to be sung in high notes. You have to master all vowels in high notes.

To do this, you can begin with any vowel. Work it by singing it like in the previous methods. You can begin to sing a song, and try to find out which vowels that have most power. You should gradually practice it and then, scale your range while practicing.

Next, you can continue to practice your consonant in higher notes. The hard thing is to maintain a steady sound, but there is a way to practice it. You can add a consonant in front of a vowel and then, practice it by using the previous methods on warming up. Keep a steady sound by maintaining your vocal cords in steady manner. After you master it, you can use other consonants and add vowels in front.

Practice in a Perfect Space

Now, we can begin with the real singing. Since singing has to be like speaking, free up to sing. To do this, you will need a perfect space or place where you can sing without any disruption. This space has a good acoustics enabling you to learn singing high notes.

First, you can sing in the shower. Bathroom with tiles enables the sound to bounce off. You will be able to hear your own voice clearly including finding yourself when you reach higher notes. Steam in the bathroom is perfect to lubricate the vocal cords.

Well, you can choose other places that suit to the characteristic above. The point is you can take advantage of that space, helping you to reach your goal. Just one thing, never choose to sing in your car. It just makes strain your voice even more since you shall not be able to hear your own voice clearly. It just creates a dead sound. That is why you have to choose a perfect space.

Get Yourself Prepared Before Practicing

While learning singing high notes, you have to keep yourself prepared. It means, keeping your body healthy is always recommended including eating only healthy food for voice. Some group of drinks like coffee, alcohol and soft-drinks are not good for voice.

In the beginning, drinking a lot of water before practicing is suggested, and those sorts of drinks work contrarily. Instead of making you hydrated, they make you dehydrated because they trigger you to pass your urine more frequently. So, stay away from them.

You need room temperature water instead of those. Ice box is not suggested since it just shocks your vocal cords, and making them less flexible. Your daily water intake should be sufficient. A health expert suggests you to take around 13 cups or 3 liters per day (for men) or 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day for women.

Regular practice is needed if you want to have significant improvement on high notes. You have to stick to your goals, namely having a confident voice with clean and controlled sound while singing higher notes. As long as you keep those tips and tricks on how to sing high notes, you will master it in the end.

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