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Do you want to be a spectacular singer? If so, you have to know some tips about how to sing better. Nowadays, there are so many ways you can use to be a better singer, such as joining an audition or competition, uploading your video to YouTube, and much more. But, you need to have singing skill before doing that. What to do to be a better singer? You can use try some singing tips and voice lessons below.

How to Sing Better

Warm Up Properly

Not every person has a good singing skill. But, every person has a chance to be a better singer. There are some tips you can do to be a better singer. The first step you can do is warming up properly. It means you need to do some steps before singing. Actually, you will be able to sing perfectly if you warm up your body properly. As we know that a good head voice will appear when our breath is in good condition. Here are the steps for warming up:

  • Stretch your parts of body, starting from your head until your foot. This step done to make you relax, and finally, you can sing better.
  • Try to do a breathing exercise. Before singing, you can do a breathing exercise. Take a deep breath, and then release the air slowly. This step will make you feel relax and can sing better without producing incorrect sound or discordant voice.
  • Try to do some mouth and tongue exercises. Move your tongue and mouth for some minutes. This exercise is done to create a good air circulation and make you get a good breathing when singing.
  • Sing the basic notes, such as do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do. This technique called as humming technique. Actually, this technique is really useful. By doing this technique before singing, you can produce stable sound.
  • Repeat the steps above until you feel relax and your voice sounds good.

Have Correct Posture

There are so many voice tips can be done easily. After warming up properly, you have to try another step. When singing, there are so many things should be noted. For example is your posture. Many people think that singing can be done in various positions. Yes, that is true. But, it may be just for people who have mastered the singing skill. They can sing perfectly although in various positions.

But for you who are studying for becoming a good singer, make sure you know the right position when singing. A perfect posture to sing is a posture when your body looks balance. You can stand or sit, but make sure your back is in straight position. If you want to do stand position, make sure don’t use a foot to support your body. Your body should look balance. When you have balance position, you can sing perfectly and also feel relax.

It will make you produce a good head voice. In other word, balance posture is needed to make you enjoy when you’re singing, even in front of many people. When we love singing, it means we can sing with a beautiful voice.

Manage Your Breathing

As mentioned before, singing tips vary. Now, let’s we talk about breathing technique. For people who join singing classes, they may get various lessons and learn how to sing better. But for you who want to sing without going to singing classes, you can do some singing techniques at your home. The main point should be noted when singing is your breath. You have to sing the lyric carefully and don’t take a breath when a lyric has not finished. For example you want to sing a lyric consists of some words. Make sure that lyric can be sung when you hold your breath. Don’t take your breath in the middle of lyric, because the song will sound weird.

To do this technique, you have to do exercise. By singing various songs routinely, you will be able to sing some lyrics just after taking a breath. There is a thing you have to know about breathing technique. As mentioned before, you have to note your breath. For a singer, diaphragmatic breathing is recommended because it will produce better voice. Diaphragmatic breathing makes your chest and abdominal cavity become loose, and then the volume will increase. It helps you to produce better voice. If you want to have a good breathing technique, you can follow some steps below:

  • Have a balance posture when singing. We have mentioned it above. You have to sing in a balance posture to create beautiful voice.
  • Make sure you don’t produce sound when taking your breath. It is so important to do. As we know that a singer that creates sound when taking breath will make a song sounds weird. So, make sure you breathe slowly without making a sound.
  • When taking breath, make sure your ribs expand.
  • When exhaling breath, you have to note your chest position. Make sure your chest looks relax when taking and exhaling breath. Finally, it will make every lyric of song can be sung well and perfectly.

Have Perfect Articulation

Talking about voice lessons, we will mention so many tips about it. For you want to be a good singer in the future, make sure you have known about articulation. Articulation is so important for a singer. A singer with good articulation can sing well and perfectly. Articulation is not only the way to produce sound or voice, but that is more than it. Articulation means you have to produce a clear sound of every word and every letter. With a good articulation, you will not be doubt to sing every song.

Some people think that articulation is just a simple thing. So, there are so many singers who ignore it. Articulation is not a simple thing. You have to use good articulation whenever you sing. How to get a good articulation? You can use these tips below:

  • Try to articulate vowels, which are a, i, u, e, and o. When you can articulate them well, you will be able to articulate other letters. Finally, you can sing better than before. Vowels sounds are so important because they will be heard so clear when you sing. So, make sure you try to articulate them before you try singing a song.
  • Open Your Mouth Wide. Another tip to get a good articulation is by opening your mouth wide. When you want to sing a song, make sure you open your mouth wide. Many singers ignore this tip, whereas singing with slightly opened mouth will produce not clear voice. So, make sure you sing with your mouth that is opened wide, so you can produce a clear voice. 

Know About Intonation

Actually, there are so many singing tips you can try. Another tip for you is about intonation.  A good singer should know about intonation. Intonation is the way to produce sound—whether the note is high or low. When you understand it well, you can sing a song perfectly. Professional singers who understand well about intonation can also sing every song without any doubt. Intonation will also make a singer sing well without making discordant sound. For you who want to sing better, here are some characteristics of note you have to know:

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Duration is how long you have to sound a note. As we know that in a song, there are some parts which you have to sound it for more than 1 second. Make sure you know about duration. Finally, you can sing perfectly. By knowing how to produce long voice and short voice, you can sing every song perfectly.

Note Intensity

Different from duration, note intensity is the way you produce soft voice and hard voice. As we know that not every song consists of soft voice. When we should sing a rock song, there will be note should be sounded so hard. A singer should know well about note intensity to sing every song perfectly.


Other characteristic of note is pitch. Pitch means note accuracy. A singer should know well about pitch because singing without good pitch control will make a song sounds so weird, even will make a listener feel so lazy to hear that song.

Tone Colour

Have you known about tone colour? Every singer has its tone colour. Tone colour is variety of sound of every person. When you have a plan to be a singer, you have to know about your tone colour. For example if your tone colour is relatively soft, you are better to be a solo singer who sings pop song. But if your tone colour sounds so strong, you can create a plan to be a rock star. No matter your tone colour, you have a chance to be a better singer.

Know About Vibrato

One of other voice tips is knowing about vibration. There are some songs require vibrato when singing them. Actually, singer should know well about vibrato. Not only that, singer should also know how to do it. Singer should also know the way to produce vibrato when singing. By using vibrato, a note will sound better. When we have to sing a long note, we usually need to vibrate it. Finally, the note will sound unique and good.

No every person can produce vibrato easily. Some professional singers even cannot produce vibrato when singing because vibrato is relatively difficult. But, there is not thing can’t be done as long as we try it routinely. If you want to master the way to produce vibrato during singing, you can look at tutorials on YouTube. There are so many singers who create tutorial video about vibrato. You can learn from them. After watching the tutorial video, you can try doing vibrato when singing. Finally, you can use vibrato technique when singing a long note.

There is a tip for you who want to learn about vibrato. You have to do vibrato technique when you feel so relax. When you feel relax, you can produce vibrato easily. Not only that, make sure you feel confident to create vibrato. Finally, you will be easily making vibrato when singing. If you have to sing in front of other people and need to produce vibrato, don’t forget to warm up first. Finally, you can easily create vibrato during singing a long note.

Practice Singing Exercise Daily

Many people said that practice makes perfect. Actually, that is so right. When you have known so many singing lessons, you need to practice it every day. We have mentioned that becoming a better singer will be easy if you can sing in balance posture, know about how to create good intonation, articulation, vibration, and many more. But every theory about singing lessons will not be useful if you don’t practice it.

If you want to be better singer, make sure you practice singing exercise daily. It will help you to master every singing lesson and then finally it builds your power to be a perfect singer who can sing every type of song. By practice singing exercise every day, you can also build your confident to be a better singer. As we know that professional singer also need to be confident. By mastering every singing lesson, you will feel so confident to show your voice in front of many people. You will also feel so confident to join singing competition. Finally, you have a chance to be a star and so popular because of your singing technique.

Step Out Your Comfort Level

Many singers feel so comfortable with a song genre. For example there are some singers who just want to sing R n B songs. When it happens, their comfort zone may be R n B songs. But, you can try to sing other songs although you think that the songs are not suitable for you. Step out your comfort zone. A singer who can sing various songs usually can be successful singer, even respected by many people.

Not only about song genre, you have to step out your comfort level in other situation. For example, you like to sing a song with low note because you can’t reach high note. Actually, that is not recommended. You have to practice every day to hit high note. If you try to hit high note routinely, you will be able to sing with high note. When it happens, you are successful pass your comfort level.

Take Online Lessons

For you who can’t master singing technique without a singing tutor, you can take online lessons. Yes, nowadays you can take online lessons to make you easier learn how to sing better. By taking online lessons, you don’t have to go to a place for meeting your tutor. It can be done through internet. You just need to choose online tutor who has mastered singing techniques. Finally, you can master every singing technique easily.

Nowadays, there are so many sites that provide online tutors for teaching you about singing tips. You can choose a trusted site that has good reviews. Finally, every singing tip you learn will make you able to be a good singer as soon as possible. For you who don’t feel comfortable with online lesson, you can join offline lesson. But, it may make you need to prepare your time because this way is not really flexible.

Change Your Habits

Many people think that being a professional singer is so easy. Singer may need to master some singing techniques, practice them, and then become a superstar. Actually, that assumption is wrong. Some people can’t be singer because of their habit. If you want to be a better singer, you have to follow these tips:

Don’t Drink Alcohol

You may have known about bad effect of alcohol. Yes, alcohol is not good for your health. Actually, alcohol is also bad for singer. Why? It is because alcohol influences the health of vocal chords. As a singer, you have to protect your vocal chords. By avoiding alcohol, your vocal chords will be in good condition. Finally, you can sing every song perfectly because your vocal chords is in good condition.

Don’t Smoke

Other habit you have to stop is smoking. Same with alcohol, smoking also harms your health. For singer, smoking is not recommended because will harm respiratory system. As we know that good singer should have a good breathing technique. When there is problem in your respiratory system, it means you will not be able to do breathing technique. Finally, it can influence your singing skill.

Consume Much Water

If you want to be a better singer, make sure you consume enough water every day. It will make you healthier and have good respiratory system. It will make you able to do every singing technique easily. For you who will practice, you can consume warm liquid. It helps you loosen your vocal cord. Finally, you can sing comfortably.

Well, those are some information for you about how to sing better. You can try voice lessons or singing tips above to be a better singer in the future. Finally, hopefully some tips about how to sing better above will help you to be a better singer.

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