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Are You Wondering If You Have What It Takes To Become A Better Singer?

This is the BIG question that asked by almost everybody.

Everyone wondering about this. There are thousands of people wondering about this question at this moment.

Actually, there is quite a myth about this thing called "talent", or god given gift.

The thing is, when it comes to singing at the highest levels, there is some natural ability involved. Some people have abilities they are born with that can be greater than others.

But for 99% of us, singing is something you can definitely learn and get better at. Even famous singers had to learn almost all of their abilities at some point.

So when you ask the question to yourself: "Can I Sing?", please know that you absolutely can. You just have to give it a real shot.

The video above is a great overview on answering this question.

It is the most down to earth and truthful advice on this topic! Watch it again.

One thing that stands out from the video is that your voice is actually made up of muscle.

Therefore, you can hit the gym and build up your muscle mass, and you can definitely train your voice and improve how it sounds. So that's good news!

He also brings up a great point about vocal techniques. This is again something you learn. Anyone who's great at anything needed to study and practice the technique. Easy examples are athletes. Michael Jordan needed to practice and learn his basketball technique. Tiger Woods needed to learn his golf swing and technique. The same goes for famous musicians.

Anyone who's good at anything gained the knowledge from someone else. This works for learning to become a great singer as well. You need proper lessons and instructions. That's just the way it is.

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