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Top Recommendations for 2017

How to Save $3425.45 on Vocal Lessons...

Honestly, that number could be even higher.

That's just one of the bills I saw my friend pay for in-person vocal lessons.

Can you believe that?

At the time, I was completely shocked!

Over the course of 6 months, I think he probably paid close to $8000.

He was in a band and wanted to improve his voice.

He definitely got better, but I think he overpaid big time.

I don't know about you, but I could not afford to pay that kind of money.

That's why I started researching online lessons. Just like you!

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Here's The Good News:

You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to improve your voice. I promise.

Online lessons are extremely affordable, and for many of us, they're much more convenient than traditional in-person lessons.

Over the last few years I have researched many programs, and below I recommend my top 4 choices for online singing lessons.

With the right instruction, anyone can learn how to sing.

I know you can too!

Top Singing Lesson Sites for 2017




Official Website


Superior Singing Method


Watch the video which contains singing tips and the full explanation of the program

Visit the official website

Singorama 2.0


Check out the course details and testimonial at the official website

1. The Superior Singing Method

The new number 1 recommendation is The Superior Singing Method by Aaron Anastasi.

This is by far the best option.

Aaron is a one man show who is straight forward and knows his stuff really well.

He's not some pushy salesman. He really just wants to help those who want to sing. He has tons of knowledge and has put together an awesome course for improving your voice.

It's a step by step course made up of high definition video lessons (over 30) which you can download to your computer, iPhone or iPad.

Aaron doesn't offer any actual DVDs which may make his product slightly cheaper than some others on the market.

Most people just stream and watch the videos from the website.

It's main target customer would be beginners and intermediates which make up a large portion of those who are looking for lessons right now.

So if that's you, it's worth learning more about Aaron's Superior Singing Method.

Great For Beginners

If you’re a beginner looking to improve your singing voice, this program is recommended. It’s very easy to use, and helps you learn how to sing one exercise at a time. As you follow along with the lessons, you learn how to improve your vocal skills in a step by step manner.

Advanced Lessons for Intermediate Singers

As you progress through the different modules, you will get instruction on more advanced techniques. There are lessons which help with your mixed voice, vocal agility, and advanced strengthening techniques.

Affordable Alternative to In Person Lessons

This is recommended for those people who don’t have access to any local singing coaches, and/or don’t want to pay for expensive lessons. This program is very affordable, and a recommended alternative to in person lessons which can costs a fortune.

How Aaron's Superior Singing Method Can Help You Become The Singer Of Your Dreams!

The Superior Singing Method system gives you over 31 dynamic vocal training exercises and techniques, divided into the following modules:

  • Module 1 : Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercises
  • Module 2: Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing
  • Module 3: Mastering Vocal Tone
  • Module 4: Improving Pitch
  • Module 5: Resonance and Singing With Power
  • Module 6: The Mix Voice and Singing Higher Notes
  • Module 7: Improving Vocal Agility
  • Module 8: Advanced Strengthening and Vocal Techniques
aaron anastasi photo

Aaron Anastasi

Professional Singing Coach

I've helped over 10,000 singers improve their voice. Amateur singers and professional recording artists have experienced major breakthroughs with my singing course.

2. Singorama 2.0

Singorama is the #2 pick.

The main difference between this course and the other recommendations above is that there are no video lessons here. There are audio lessons and worksheets.

Many people actually find learning through audio just as easy, if not easier than with video.

The other main difference is that Singorama is really the most comprehensive course available. It has so much information on improving your voice.

If you're looking for the total package and want the most information on this topic, I would recommend you learn more about Singorama.

It's cheaper than Superior Singing Method and comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee

Very Affordable

Singorama is the least expensive of these 3 courses. There are no video lessons, however there are audio files and written material. If you don’t feel video is important to learn with, then this is a great alternative.

Most Complete Course

This program is huge. There are close to 30 audio modules, along with ebooks and worksheets. Based on volume of material, this is the biggest.

More Than Just Techniques

Although it does a great job at covering singing exercises and techniques, it also covers other topics like anxiety, performance, bad habits and so on. It’s the total package when it comes to content.

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