10 Killer Singing Tips

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Do you want to learn how to sing better? Well, then you are at the right place because we are here to help millions of people who are struggling to get a better singing tone. Many people are unhappy with their present singing voice and had doubts whether it could be improved with the practice or not.Well, the answer is YES, anyone can improve their singing tone with proper guidance, regular practice and some singing exercise. We will tell you in detail about the tips and techniques about how to make your voice sound more attractive.

How to Improve Singing Voice Quality

Practice Breathing

For proper singing breathing properly is essential. If you have trouble breathing in deeply lay down on the ground, with your back facing the ground and your hands should be placed on your stomach. Now while inhaling your hands should raise and while exhaling your hands should lower down .make sure that your shoulders should not move up and down while breathing.

Use Diaphragm to Breathe Correctly

when you inhale, your lower muscles should move outward, to store more air. So when singing uses those lower muscles, you should push the air back out.

Correct Posture

For singing in proper tone right position is important it affects your overall voice.While singing your feets should be slightly apart, one foot slightly in front of the other so that some weight could be carried forward. Knees should be relaxed but slightly bent, and hands should be relaxed too, ground, hanging on your sides. Keep your abdomen relaxed but ready to be involved. Keep your chin on the level of the ground, don’t pull your shoulders close to your ears instead keep it slide back keeping your head high and chest straight and out.

Relax Your Body

Ones you are standing in the right posture make sure you are not feeling any tension in any part of your body. You should not feel that you are forcing your body parts to stay in this position. Holding any pressure will only make it difficult for you to sing in a proper tone.​

How to Have a Clear Voice for Singing

Download this  FREE "10 Killer Singing Tips" Ebook

Download our ebook that contain 10 killer tips to help you avoid rookie mistakes and how to improve your singing and release your singing potential to the fullest.

Keep Your Mouth Open and Relaxed

Your mouth should be wide open while singing, but you should not open it so that it could stretch the muscles of your neck creating tension. Drop your jaw and tongue and lift your soft palate. Open your mouth and yawn like you would be breathing while yawning, but don’t yawn instead observe the space in your mouth and throat created while yawning. This is how exactly you have to open your mouth while singing.

Place the Tongue Properly

While creating the space in your mouth make sure your tongue is not coming in the way. Keep your tongue at the bottom placing its tip against the back of your lower teeth. Don’t wave it or roll it out while singing. It might effect the tone in which you will be singing.​

Vocal Exercise for Improving the Quality of Your Voice

Warming Up

Your vocal muscles are like any other muscle in your body.So before you finally start to sing, practice some warm up sessions for relaxing your muscles.


Yawning will stretch and open your mouth widely. Thus relaxing your vocal muscles. It will release all the tension from your diaphragm and neck. Open your mouth wide open and breathe in.

Humming Exercise

Humming along with the music is also a great exercise.You can do it whenever you want.

Sing Within Your Range

This is the most important tip while trying to sing in a tone. We all are different, so our voices are different too. Some people find it easy to sing in high notes while for singing in middle or low notes is comfortable. So ones you have discovered your range stick with it, singing out of your range may strain your vocals thus affecting the quality of your voice.

Be Vulnerable

Putting your emotions in the song make them alive. Just put your thoughts into the song may it be, anger, love and loneliness, etc. Singing is the form of expressing your emotions it makes you recall all the memories and expressions, and this helps you in building the connection with your audience.​

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